Color tube 6mm silicone (2pcs)

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Product Name
Color tube 6mm silicone

Product Specification
For example, 2x4, means the inner diameter of 2mm, outer diameter of 4mm, and so on.
White/TransparentBlack/Red/Yellow/Navy Blue/Azure/Bright Green/Orange/Purple/Pink/Orange Red/Green/Transparent red
Temperature range
-40° C ~ 180° C

Product Features
Good weather resistance and heat aging resistance, high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, high mechanical strength, good tear strength, wear-resistant, flexible, good elasticity, food grade.
Product use.
Tube products for foodstuffs; connecting tubes for food machinery; connecting tubes and conduits for water dispensers, coffee makers, water heaters, rice cookers, etc.; casing for electrical appliances and instruments; connecting tubes and conduits for medical equipment
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Product Description

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Made in China